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Leadbit Follow Along Contest - $3,000 in Prizes

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Apr 17, 2018
It’s time for a new contest! This time, we will be doing our contest with an affiliate that is very popular, but that we haven't had a ton of discussion about yet...Leadbit!

We have $3,000 in prizes and like all our contests, this one is going to be easy and a great way to try out some new offers and run some new campaigns πŸ˜ƒ

Start Date: Monday, August 16th
Voting for winners starts: Friday, September 17th
End Date: Friday, September 24th (winners announced based off poll results)

πŸ’° Leadbit Contest Prizes:​

1st - $1000 πŸ₯‡
2nd - $500 πŸ₯ˆ
3rd - $300 πŸ₯‰
Leadbit Favorite - $200 (chosen by the Leadbit team)
Participation Award - $1000 (split among all qualifying participants)

πŸ† Best Leadbit Follow Along​

On Friday, September 17th, I will create a thread with a poll where you can pick your favorite follow along from the contest. The voting will last 1 week and on Friday, September 24th, the winners of the top 3 prizes will be based on the number of votes received in the poll.

❀️ Leadbit Favorite​

On Friday, Friday, September 24th, we will also announce the Leadbit favorite. This winner will receive $200.

πŸ€‘ Participation Award​

Everyone who participates in the contest and completes all the necessary steps outlined below to qualify will receive a part of the $1000 prize pool available for a participation award (excluding anyone who has already won a prize mentioned above).

For example, if we have 20 participants in this contest, the 16 participants who did not win one of the other prizes mentioned above will split $1000 so each participant will receive $62.50.

All prizes will be paid starting on Friday, September 24th via PayPal.

βœ… How to Participate​

Participating in this contest is easy. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Sign up at Leadbit (if you’re already signed at Leadbit just skip this step and go to the next one).
  2. Pick an offer to run and set up a campaign on your favorite traffic source.
  3. Create a Follow Along thread in the forum depending on the ad format you use (template here).
  4. Reply to this thread with a link to your follow along thread.
  5. Post at least 4 updates in your thread (please number them) about how your campaign is running (be as detailed as possible).
That’s it! You can run multiple campaigns and create multiple follow along threads if you like.

And, with the Participation Award, you are guaranteed to get some of your money back!

▢️ Participating Follow Alongs​

I will keep a list of all the participating follow alongs below. The follow alongs that have completed all the steps above (including 4 updates) are marked with a ⭐.

Need help?​

Our Community Leaders and the Leadbit team are here to help you be successful! Let us know if you have any questions πŸ‘
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Right I'm going to start early this time :p
I have an account at Leadbit but never got around to running anything from there. This is a nice opportunity to try something new and hopefully get something profitable. 😊
Definitely looking forward to your follow along πŸ‘
I have an account at Leadbit but I haven't run any campaigns with them.
I looked now and found the account locked :(
Hey @abdoshaik, we'll gladly help you with your problem.
Let's talk in DM, and figure out how to fix your situation ;)

I want to participate to this contest, but I have some issues to get my Leadbit account approved !

Could someone help please ?

@Leadbit I need some offer recommendations. I've DMed you my email address. Let's do it! :)
Check out these threads (the first one has a link to a report with top offers and creatives):

And there's this guide to getting started:

And this list of top offers: