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If Clickloss is bad, WTF is this?



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May 7, 2018
If you thought clickloss was bad, wait until you find out what I discovered last week…

When I was doing a traffic analysis for a subset of my @PropellerAds campaigns, I pulled data from the PropellerAds API (spend/impressions/clicks grouped by campaign_id and zone_id) and matched it up with the data I have in my database. The process was rather painless since the API doesn’t have paging anymore.

With the API data joined to the data in my database I was able to build a table with the intent to analyze clickloss by campaign and zone.

The table looks like this:


The average clickloss over all the campaigns and zones analyzed is just 2.9%.

You might notice something very odd in the data above, however. The zones with no or nearly no clickloss have a pretty significant difference in cost, which I’ll be referring to as “costloss” ™️.


What could this be?

If you’re not familiar with clickloss, make sure you read all about it here. In a nutshell, clickloss is when you’re not tracking as many clicks as you’ve bought… they’re “lost”. Naturally, when you have clickloss, you have some costloss because your tracker wasn’t
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