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How to use anstrex to create creative for mvas offer?


Jun 5, 2023
Hello everyone!
I am a big fan of propellerads and have been running GG mvas offer with CPA of popunder and direct click.
I have always wanted to try using push to carry out some activities. I paid and read Nick's "Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery Course", but I didn't have enough courage to run a CC offer. I wanted to start with an offer with a low payout.
So mvas and low payout SOI are what I currently hope to develop.
The biggest problem I encounter now is that I don’t know how to organize creative ideas for testing. When I use pop to run an offer, I can use a general LP to guide visitors to jump to the offer page for conversion, but with push, I need to build a For a complete funnel, I think creative and LP and offer should match exactly (this may be a misunderstanding).
Now that I have an anstrex push account, how can I carry out my activities. In the past, when I was learning how to carry out pop activities, I would read a lot of FA and I could learn a lot of knowledge. But for some
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