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Sep 27, 2022

My name is Scott and I have been into working from home since 2005, but, I never had any BIG success. I am hoping to change that in the coming months because now I finally have some money to invest.

Bought MLM from YouTube, hated it and still don’t like MLMs to this day.

The first thing I got sucked into when I started trying to work from home (back in 2005) was a MLM scheme.

I had saved up 10K , quit my job, and I was looking for a way to just work from home (on monster jobs), and this piece of shit 'company' Emerald Passport robbed me of $2500.

I could have recovered it if I was willing to scam someone else...

But, I couldn't.

I then tried:

Paid to Surf - a friggen joke.
HYIP - almost lost $4500 when the federal government seized the company and all it's assets (but I convinced my bank to reverse the charges).
Bum Marketing - saw the ad on one of the paid to surf sites.

The list (and losses) goes on and on...

I have tried just about
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