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Apr 17, 2018

Awhile ago, I had the idea to add a Public section to affLIFT where anyone could come and view actual threads and discussions we have going on in the community. These aren't threads specifically created for the Public section. These are active discussions on the topics that we all as affiliates care about.

I typically move 1 thread a week to the Public section from the main forum.

You can find all of the threads here:

There are nearly 200 threads in the Public section and that number will continue to grow every month 😃

I recommend taking a look through these specific types of discussion:
While we are at nearly 200 threads total already and you can sort through them fairly easily, here are a few that stand out that I recommend you read through specifically 👍

Servando is now a Community Leader at affLIFT 🚀

This guide is one of the most viewed threads on affLIFT and teachers you how you can use PureLander to easily create great landing pages for your campaigns.

Traffic Company is one of the fantastic affiliate networks that is a part of our community and Servando's guide here teaches you how to execute on some of their best offers!

We have many newbies on affLIFT and beginners to affiliate marketing join us every single day. Here is some advice from one newbie to you if you're one too :)

This strategy was extremely popular and we were ahead of the curve at affLIFT on how to use it to make money.

Jimmy is now also a Community Leader at affLIFT and is becoming quite the affiliate himself. Check out his humble beginnings.

Push notifications are still a big opportunity. Here is one strategy I use (and the landing page) for collecting them and monetizing them.

I hope you enjoy all the free content we put out and it helps you become a better affiliate marketer. If you not currently a paid member of our community, I recommend checking out our membership options to see if any fit your budget. We would love to have you participate in our discussions and grow with us!

Onward and upward 🚀
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We also have tons of free affiliate marketing content in our Articles section:

as well as our amazing Link Directory which is one of the best resources for learning about all the various traffic sources, affiliate networks, spy tools, tracking tools, and all the rest of the tools you need to be successful at affiliate marketing!