Guide Digital Advertising Overview: Italy (by MGID)


  • Italy is the third largest country in the Eurozone with a 42 076 US$ per capita GDP. The economy is stagnating with a GDP growth rate at 0.6%
  • It is the fourth most populous member state of the European Union with a population of 59221785
  • Italian is the official language. Keep it in mind while mastering campaigns. It’s better to use the national language rather than English in Italy
  • The three largest cities include Rome (2.8 million) Milan (1.3 million) and Naples (1 million)
Now let’s figure out some features of the Italians. According to the 2015 statistics 48.0% of single people are over the age of 65 of which 61.6% are women and 29% are men. On the whole the aging population drives greater demand for products and services....
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