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An "Upgrade" Gone Wrong - why we had 15 minutes of downtime


Staff member
If you tried visiting affLIFT in the past 15 minutes or so, you were likely greeted with an error message. Unfortunately, an upgrade I was trying to do on the forum went horribly wrong and cause everything to be overwritten.

Luckily, I use DigitalOcean to host affLIFT and we have backups of both our site files and our database. The database was not touched by the royal screwup, but the forum files were. I was able to restore a backup of those files and now we're live and kicking again.

I am very upset about this issue being caused because I have done everything I can think of over the past 24 hours to make sure that when I tried to do the upgrade, nothing would go wrong. I spoke with the people that run our forum software MULTIPLE TIMES to get confirmation. Obviously, they were no help.

But, the good news is we did not lose any data.

Onward and upward :)


Staff member
Haha, I’m eating what’s called Whole 30 right now (I make make a thread about that later) so no beer for me right now but I “took the afternoon off” and I’ve been relaxing playing with my kids 😀


Active member
Ya no one seems to effect that update except Luke and me, lol
i have to upload again all the screenshots and ads copy, i deleted all the images yesterday night after upload to the server and was relax that i have finish the job. But guess what in the morning i got the news that all images gone corrupt, so, need to make new screenshot and upload again.


Well-known member
What did you try to upgrade? Forum app or DO hosting account? Just curious...
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