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Case Study and MacKeeper PPI - Absurd results!



Jan 12, 2020

since I have already revealed so much, I might share a little story of a campaign I ran a while ago.

It goes like this:

MacKeeper / Kromtech had a PPI offer on Lemonads that paid around 2 - 3 USD per install on a Mac. Worldwide.

Traffic for Tier 2 and Tier 3 is often dirt cheap at my favorite Internet shithole Especially Vietnam proved to be interesting.

Also, you get a lot more traffic than you pay for, due to loads of repeat clicks within 24 hours.

Long story short:


After 9 days, the problems began. Kromtech noticed an install to sales rate of zero, and a long wait for my payout began.

I got it in the end, although almost everything is lost again now, in various tests and experiments.

Case in point: Fast results can happen, but are not for long!

Something to add here: Although I thought that the results were suspicious, my AM had to invest quite some time to get the quality feedback I asked for. Whether it was Kromtech taking very long or Lemonads / Spicyoffers I do not know, but it was a hell of a ride for me.



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