Follow Along 2020 Monetizer SmartLink Campaign

BeMob + affLIFT


May 18, 2018
I started my first campaign in November after reading Luke’s Pop Guide for Beginners. I ran it with two traffic sources and have decided to participate in this contest as a way to gain more experience and hopefully get some pointers on how I can improve. Everything is pretty much new to me!

Affiliate Network: Monetizer

Traffic Source: PropellerAds

Tracker: BeMob

I’ve selected three Smartlink offers in Egypt. I’ve chosen Smartlinks as I haven’t advanced to using landers yet. I chose Egypt because I wanted to avoid tier 1 countries and I’d read a couple of articles based on Egyptian offers.

For the traffic the advertising format is OnClick (Popunder) and the pricing model is SmartCPM.

The campaign kicked off about four hours ago and here’s how it currently stands.


While the revenue figures agree to that in my Monetizer account, PropellerAds is showing the costs to be $6.62. So it looks like the loss is greater than that reported in BeMob.

While working through Luke's Pop guide, I never came anywhere near to spending my $10/day budget (which surprised me because I didn't think it was very much), but it looks
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