The affiliate marketing industry is a cutthroat one. If you don’t evolve, you are bound to be left behind or, worse, trampled to nonexistence. We have seen this happen to several companies, even those that seemed big enough to handle any abrupt changes in the industry. In short, resilience is key.

This is precisely what WOWTRK did to ensure that they can survive in this industry: they evolved. From an affiliate network, the company shifted its focus to being a tool that affiliates can rely on for finding and comparing offers and networks.


Who is WOWTRK?​

But before we dive into how this company evolved, let’s talk about who WOW TRK is first. WOW TRK is actually a business under the company WOW Media. It started operations in 2007 as a CPL network based in the UK. Over the years, it grew into a competitive network with over 13,000 affiliates across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.

But with the fierce competition in the affiliate industry, the network decided to make a rather difficult decision: closing down towards the end of 2020. In its place came something different; just launched a couple of months ago was the new WOWTRK.

How did WOWTRK Evolve?​

WOW TRK is now an automated search engine that lets affiliates find any offer or campaign they want on dozens of affiliate networks in a single, easy-to-search place. It even allows you to compare rates from all available offers so you can be sure you're getting paid the best possible rate for your traffic.

The platform has three main lists that are useful for affiliates and industry stakeholders, and these are:

1. Network Engine​

Right now, they have 170 affiliate networks and programs on their list, though this still includes closed ones. With WOW TRK, you can get the following information about each network:
  • The number of offers it has (if the network’s offers are listed in the Offer Engine);
  • The commission types it uses;
  • The minimum payout you need to have earned in order to qualify for payout;
  • Payout Methods;
  • Payment Terms;
  • Type of tracking platform;
  • Contact information for support;
  • Year it has been founded;
  • Country of origin or current headquarters.
With this list, affiliates can discover new networks to partner with or can even evaluate if they’re a good fit with their network of choice.

2. Offer Engine​

As of the moment, WOW TRK has an offers database of more than 10 thousand offers from 30 different affiliate networks. This Offer Engine helps affiliates find networks that list the offer they want to run.

You can also use this to compare whether the rates you are getting from your network are competitive or not. The offers can be filtered based on keyword, category, network, and country.


The resulting list will display name, payout, country, and affiliate network. It is also possible to save your favorite offers into a list once you've registered and logged into your account.

3. Events List​

Affiliate marketing events are some of the most anticipated happenings in the industry. WOWTRK's events list allows you to plan your year-long calendar.

They enumerate conferences such as Affiliate World Conference, Affiliate Grand Slam, iGaming Forums, and more. Information about what the event is all about plus their next event’s schedules are included.

Who should use WOWTRK?​

WOW Trk is an aggregator and discovery platform, similar to the likes of Affpaying, OfferVault, and oDigger. Almost anyone in the industry can use this platform, but there are three groups who will benefit from it most.

Among those who will benefit most are affiliates. The tool is easy to use and is free to boot! WOW TRK gives you a hub for discovering the latest offers in one place. You can compare rates from across more than 30 affiliate networks and integrate these new programs into your strategy with ease.

Affiliate networks will also gain a lot from this platform. WOWTRK can help networks grow their affiliates’ base by being listed. This new offer aggregator is in contact with more than 13,000 affiliates that they used to work with, and more affiliates are using their platform every day.

You can discuss ad placements and featured listings with their team to ensure success for both parties during these tough times of competition in this industry.

The last ones who’ll benefit from WOWTRK are direct advertisers or companies that have their own affiliate programs. While other aggregators list only networks and agencies, WOWTRK includes direct advertisers in their list, opening up more opportunities for affiliates as well.

Even if the platform is still relatively new, it is evident that it will soon become an essential part of an affiliate marketer’s planning and strategizing activities. WOWTRK’s team is open to feedback and would welcome any comments or suggestions to improve their service. Check out their official affLift thread for updates (or if you want to comment on the tool).

If you haven’t tried it out yet, head over there and have a look! It’s free anyway.
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