If you're looking for a reliable affiliate network to help you jumpstart your affiliate marketing journey, you should go for one that has a good reputation in the industry. MaxBounty is undoubtedly one of those.

Established in 2004 by JP and Steven Suave, and currently headed by CEO Matt McEvoy, this affiliate network currently has more than 20,000 verified affiliates, and provides more than 2,000 active offers from 350 plus advertisers. Not bad for a company that is already 15 years in the industry!


Below, in our MaxBounty review, you will see why MaxBounty is one of the performance based affiliate networks we currently recommend on affLIFT!

MaxBounty Offer Types

MaxBounty's payment models are mainly Cost per Action and Cost per Lead. They also have Revenue Sharing models for select brands and products.

The traffic types they allow are:
  • Email
  • Contextual
  • Display
  • Search
  • Incentive
  • Social media
  • Native
  • Mobile
If you'd like to promote offers via push notification ads, make sure the offer accepts Contextual traffic for push ads for desktop, and Mobile traffic for push ads for mobile devices. If you'd like to promote offers via Incentive traffic, make sure you indicate that in your profile.

Offers listed in MaxBounty fall under these niches:
  • Automotive
  • Biz-opp
  • B2B
  • Dating
  • Downloads
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Email Submits
  • Finance
  • Giveaways
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Holiday and Travel
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile subscriptions
  • Psychic
  • Real estate and Home improvement
  • Surveys
  • Sweepstakes
Most of their CPA offers are readily available even for new affiliates. They can be found on OfferVault. For those offers that need approval, you just need to provide thorough information on how you plan to promote the offer and how many leads you can provide (estimate). You must also place accurate information on your profile on how you drive traffic to the offers.

MaxBounty Benefits

Ask any pro affiliate for their top choices of affiliate networks to join and MaxBounty will surely be one of them. MaxBounty is one of the best paying CPA networks out there. But aside from that, there are several other reasons why joining MaxBounty is a must for every affiliate, and these are as follows:

Weekly Payouts
Cashflow is a very important aspect for affiliates, especially if you are purchasing traffic for the offer you are promoting. If it takes you a month to receive your earnings and you run out of funds, you will be losing out on potential conversions and your competitors can take over. MaxBounty realized this need, which is why they provide weekly payouts.

MaxBounty is actually the first cpa affiliate network to switch to weekly payments by default for all affiliates. With other networks, you would have to reach a minimum level of earnings (usually several thousand dollars) to be allowed for bi-weekly payments, down to weekly payments. With MaxBounty, you will be paid on a net 15 basis for the first month, and then you will be moved to weekly payments once you receive your first payout. You only need to reach the threshold of $100 earnings for the week to qualify for payout the following week.

They send payments like clockwork; we have not seen them fail or get delayed in this aspect. You can get paid via Payoneer, ACH, Wire or Paypal.

Highly Responsive Affiliate Managers Managers
A large portion of the success of an affiliate can be attributed to the help of his affiliate manager. MaxBounty's affiliate managers are very helpful and highly responsive. You can tell them more about your traffic and they can tell you which affiliate offers have a high chance of converting for what you have. You can also ask for the top converting offers based on a niche and they can give you the data.

Performance Bonus
If you earn at least $1,000 on each of your first three months after signing up with MaxBounty, you will be given a performance bonus of $1,000 on your fourth month. It is one of the biggest performance bonuses provided by an affiliate network. It will not only boost your morale; it will also convince you to drive more high-quality traffic to their network.

User-Friendly Dashboard
MaxBounty's dashboard is unique but is very easy to navigate. Once you log in, you will have a quick view of your earnings, a slideshow of the most popular offers in the network, and a grid list of offers currently available.
Should You Register Under MaxBounty?

The short answer is Yes.

They have a good number of offers to choose from, and if they don't have what you are looking for, you can message your AM and they will see about getting that offer to the network.

Like any other affiliate network, MaxBounty is strict when it comes to campaign rules, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. You have to read the offer rules thoroughly and make sure your strategies qualify before running any ad campaigns. This affiliate network will not have lasted this long if they let rogue affiliates just get away with not following offer restrictions.

All in all, our experience with MaxBounty is a positive one. So if you are hesitating about registering as an affiliate in MaxBounty, don't. It's a great network to start your affiliate marketing journey in.

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