One of the most important questions an affiliate marketer can ask is this:

What products, services, or offers should I choose for my CPA affiliate marketing efforts? Selecting the right CPA offers from an affiliate network can be the difference between success and failure for an affiliate marketing campaign.

The key to choosing the right offers is to make sure that they match with your target audience. In other words, you need to find CPA offers that will get your audience excited.

Your instincts may tell you that a particular CPA offer will work, but if you genuinely want to be successful in the affiliate marketing game, then you need to look a little closer at the details. Once you define certain specific aspects of the offer, you can see if they match the characteristics of the traffic that you get.


This process starts when you choose a “vertical.”

A vertical is a category that defines the product or service in the offer. For example, an online dating site would be in the dating vertical. A product that helps you learn a new language would be in the education vertical.

Verticals are categories, and the offer refers to the specific product or service. Each product or service should fit in one vertical (and some might fit in more that one vertical).

What are some of the biggest verticals when it comes to affiliate marketing? You are going to find a lot of CPA offers in the following categories.
  • Dating
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Casinos and gaming
  • Mobile gaming
  • Education
  • Health and wellness
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • E-commerce
None of these categories are more lucrative than any of the others. You only need to find the ones that work best with your marketing strategies.

What else do you need to consider?

You need to think about the country that you want to target with your marketing efforts. This aspect is significant when it comes time to purchase traffic. You want to buy visitors from the country where the offer is valid. It would be a mistake to get it from Europe, for example, when the target market is in North America.

Do all CPA offers pay affiliates in the same way?

Not all affiliate programs provide the same kind of payments. There are two main methods for paying commissions to affiliates. The first is called Cost Per Sale (CPS). A CPS offer pays an affiliate when a customer they sent makes a purchase. If they do not make a purchase, you do not get a sale. CPS offers usually involve a percentage of the total sale. For example, if a customer that you refer buys a $100 phone from an online retailer, and the commission for this offer is 10%. That means you earn $10 from the transaction.

The second type of payment is cost-per-action (or CPA). In this setup, an affiliate gets paid when a customer who they refer takes a predefined action. An action could be a sale, but it could also be signing up for a service, registering for a free trial, or entering their email address. The vital fact to understand here is that you can earn a commission even if the customer does not buy something.

What are the advantages of CPA offers?

CPA offers are more straightforward to convert when compared to CPS offers.

Why? It’s common sense. It’s easier to get someone to take a simple action, such as providing their email address or signing up for a newsletter, than it is to get them to take out their credit card an make a purchase.

What are some common CPA offers? An insurance company might pay an affiliate $1 when a customer enters their email address to sign up for a newsletter. If the customer provides their phone number, email, and address, that might be worth $3. If they apply for an insurance quote, you might earn $5.

What are some other examples of CPA offers?

A typical CPA offer involves getting mobile customers to download an app. In the personal finance vertical, it may consist of getting people to sign up for a credit score service or apply for a credit card. In the dating vertical, it could be to set up a free profile on an online dating site.


In CPA affiliate marketing, you need your traffic sources to send you traffic that includes customers who are going to take the necessary action to earn you a commission. In other words, you want customers who are already interested in the offer’s vertical. Also, you need to make sure that your traffic sources meet the rules set out by the affiliate network and that they come from the correct locations.

Finally, you need to make sure that the cost of your ad is cheap enough that you still make a profit. This fact is essential if you are new to affiliate marketing. You may want to start with an offer that is easy to convert. These offers may come with low payouts, so you will need to keep your traffic budget low so that you still make a profit.

I’m new to affiliate marketing, which CPA offers should I choose first?

For novices, the goal is to find out what strategies work and then focus on them.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to start with more than one offer. You can find out what offers work for you. Another reason to do this is that some products do not sell or convert because they lack the quality that customers expect. For this reason, you do not want to tie your entire affiliate marketing career to one product.

If you diversify, however, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Also, you will have lots of combinations of traffic sources and offers, so you can find out which offers work with which sources.

Choosing the correct CPA offers can lead to higher conversion rates, which will make it easier to test the combination of traffic sources and CPA offers. Remember to make sure that your traffic sources meet the affiliate network requirements and that the vertical of the source matches the vertical of the product or service.