If you’ve never heard of URL shorteners before, then you must have been living under a rock for almost two decades now. As more and more URLs get longer, it gets harder for these to be shared, especially through social networks and private messages. Instead of placing a URL that contains 10 to 50 extra characters, you can shorten it to about three to six characters (apart from the domain name). URL shorteners not only give you more space to write additional stuff, but it also makes the URL look better.

Because a URL shortener makes people’s lives so much easier, millions of people use it around the world. But before the link resolves to the desired page, an ad is displayed briefly. This ad typically has a countdown and automatically redirects to the intended landing page after a specific amount of time. With millions of users and even more clicks daily, it is not surprising that marketers see this as a great way to display their products and offers. Affiliates who are curious to test URL shorteners as a traffic source can try AdFly.


What is AdFly and What are its Features?

Established in 2015, AdFly is a URL shortening platform that has gained worldwide popularity and currently sits at #1,725 worldwide ranking in Alexa.

Great Volume
This platform has more than 5.3 million registered users, generating anywhere from 3 million to 10 million clicks a day. The traffic is worldwide and comes in multiple languages.

Three Ad Formats
Advertisers have three options to choose from when promoting via AdFly, and these are:
  • Interstitial ads - These are full-page ads. Advertisers can display their full lander before the link resolves to the actual page they want to view.
  • Pop-under - This page opens up under the user’s main browser. The user will only be able to see this ad when he closes the main window.
  • Leaderboard Banner ads - This ad is 728 by 90 pixels and is displayed on the landing page.
Traffic Criteria
Each view or click you receive will pass the following criteria:
  • It is a unique user within a 24-hour time period
  • The user’s browser cookies are enabled
  • Javascript is also enabled in the browser
  • Your ad will be viewed by each user for at least five seconds (for interstitial ads), at least two seconds (for banner ads)
  • Viewers are filtered against anonymous proxy
If the traffic you receive does not match these set criteria, you will not be charged.

CPM Rates
Advertisers are charged for every 1,000 views. CPM Rates vary depending on the ad format and geolocation. Of course, countries in Tier 1 are more expensive than Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries.
  • Interstitial Ads CPM Rates
    • US and UK - $4 to $5
    • Tier 1 countries - $3
    • Tier 2 countries - $2 to $2.50
    • Tier 3 countries - $0.40 to $1
    • Worldwide deal - $1
    • Proxy deal - $0.40 o $0.80
  • Pop under Ads CPM Rates
    • US and UK - $3.20 to $4
    • Tier 1 countries - $2 to $2.40
    • Tier 2 countries - $1.60 to $2.60
    • Tier 3 countries - $0.32 to $0.80
    • Worldwide deal - $0.80
    • Proxy deal - $0.40
  • Banner Ads CPM Rates
    • US and UK - $1
    • Tier 1 countries - $0.60
    • Tier 2 countries - $0.30 to $0.40
    • Tier 3 countries - $0.10 to $0.20
The rates per country are indicated during campaign creation. If, for instance, you want 10 thousand views to your ad, you simply indicate that number next to the country, and then multiply it to the rate indicated. This gives you the estimated amount you’ll spend on the campaign.

You still need to indicate the maximum daily budget, though. So if you want 10 thousand views from a country that has a CPM rate of $1, the total campaign budget is $10. You can indicate a maximum daily budget of at least $2, which means your campaign will likely last for five days. This is assuming that the maximum daily budget is actually spent per day.

White Label Feature
This feature allows traffic resellers to send traffic to their clients without revealing to the client that their visitors came from AdFly. The White Label Feature removes the AdFly logo and the referral URL

AdFly Targeting Options

Advertisers have the option to display their ads to any of the 107 countries in their inventory. There is also the option for worldwide traffic, as well as proxy traffic. Proxy traffic deal comes from proxy servers. It is cheaper than regular traffic, but it is guaranteed to be human.

As previously mentioned, advertisers can choose how much traffic to get per country by indicating the amount on the space provided. Placing 1 means you expect to get 1,000 views or clicks.
  • Day of the week - simply put a checkmark on the days you want your ad to run.
  • Device - choose between desktop or mobile traffic.
  • Mobile Operating System - if you enable mobile traffic, you can specify the mobile operating system. If you want traffic coming from all OS, just leave it as is.
  • Mobile Carrier - similar to the Mobile OS targeting, this option will only be editable if you accept mobile traffic. You can choose the carrier based on the country where you want your traffic to come from.
  • Partner Network - these are traffic coming from outside of AdFly. You have the option to include or exclude such inventory from your campaign.
Traffic Booster
If your campaign is receiving an underwhelming amount of traffic, you can use the Traffic Booster. This allows you to increase your CPM bid so as to increase your chances of winning more traffic. This option only becomes available to an advertiser that has spent at least $20 within AdFly.

AdFly Payment Options

AdFly has one of the lowest minimum deposit for traffic providers today. You only need at least $5 in your AdFly advertiser account in order to get visitors to your offer. Current modes of payment for depositing money into your AdFly Wallet is via PayPal or Payza.
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