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Follow Along Zeydoo x Propellerads #PA23



Dec 25, 2022
Hi everyone, thanks for checking my follow along. Here are the details:

🎯 Traffic Source: Propellerads
✅ Affiliate Network: Zeydoo
👍 Type of Offer: CPA
💰 Offer Payout: Less than 1$
📲 Offer Type : Mobile Apps CPI Offer

For this follow along I am using a group of campaigns that I started a few days ago but it fits this contest, so I will use this one. I created multiple campaigns for this offer with 1 campaign per Geo. Here is the strategy:-

Bidding Model - CPA Goal
Ad Format - Onclick / Pop via Direct Linking
Bidding Strategy - Set 33% of offer payout as Goal for testing. Increase based on results. For Geos/ Campaigns that start giving profit, Increased the CPA Goal to 50% . I have yet to increase more, but may increase to about 70-80%.
Optimizations- I haven't done much optimizations. Just manually excluded zones that were costing 2x or more of offer payout, Also excluded zones that got 0 conversions and cost 1x or more if offer payout.
Note: I haven't yet duplicated campaigns, but considering launching new duplicate campaigns for higher CPA Goal rather than increasing the bid more than 50 percent. I


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