Women’s Day Sales Highlights 2022


Admitad Affiliate

Oct 15, 2020
International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the achievements of women everywhere and raises awareness about gender equality.
Respect and mutual loyalty are always one of Admitad’s main priorities. We highly value the women working with us and are proud of their achievements.
International Women’s Day is especially important for the ecommerce industry because it’s considered one of the first major holiday sales of the year.
March the 8th also creates a lot of opportunities for affiliates. We collected the sales analytics to reveal the sales numbers and leading categories.

Last year, the total number of sales in the US ecommerce sector jumped 10% in March, with International Women’s Day making an impact. A boom in demand for clothing and jewelry continued from February. Traditionally, on March the 8th many fashion brands offer discounts and dedicate donations to organizations fighting gender inequality. Consumers are also encouraged to support women-owned retail businesses and brands.

Our experts compared International Women’s Day with the previous calm week. We saw an increase in the number of orders (over 100,000) by 17.5%. The total gross sales in this period were $6.4M with a 19% increase. Consumers placed orders at a price
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