Why Compliance Teams are your Best Friends on the Ad Arbitrage Journey 🤝

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Grand Guru
May 3, 2018
Hey guys,

We understand how demanding of a task it is to run compliant and clean ad arbitrage. We also totally understand why some arbitrageurs can’t sleep because of feed restrictions. 🫣 And that is why we’ve created this article.

Inside, you’ll find an explanation on how to make sure your ad arbitrage is better suited to the requirements of feed and traffic providers. 💪

Read on to discover why and how traffic Compliance Teams can become your best friends! 👇👇

✨ The Traffic Quality demands of ad networks

Top-tier ad networks like Google, Yahoo! or Bing have their own expectations when it comes to the traffic they accept. The above is in fact a big understatement. The most prestigious feed providers will not, and can not, accept shady traffic sources. This is a part of maintaining the credibility of the provider and offering user-safe content sites. Different providers have different sets of rules and filters, so it’s very important to keep track of what are the best arbitrage practices for each of them.

🎯 Finding the right traffic for your offer​

The offer needs to be targeted to a well-chosen audience, or else the endeavors will prove
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