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Follow Along Using FB + Email for Affiliate Marketing



Grand Guru
Aug 10, 2018
Hey hey, AffLIFTers! 🚀

hope you're all having a good start to the new month!

In my previous follow-along, I shared how I started building my own email & SMS lists (email here, SMS here) to promote Casino offers (and this works with any vertical). To grow my lists even faster and get more leads, I started testing Facebook Ads over the past 4 days.

Here are the results so far:
$1300 spent
195 Subs collected
€6.51 cost per sub (ca. $7.14)
2 FTDs on the welcome email ($320 revenue)


Not cheap, but not all super shitty either. I was (naively) hoping FB would get much cheaper leads tbh. At least their "Algo" is said to be much better than "anything else". ^^ But it's only Day 4 and too early to judge. Plus, I know there's a bunch of stuff I can optimize on my end.

One side note: When running paid ads to build an email list it's normal to be "in the hole" for a while as you build up your email list. Day-1 ROI is not what I'm looking for. Instead, I know
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