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Case Study SMS Marketing On Fire



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Aug 10, 2018
Hey AffLIFTers! 🚀

Who wants an extra $419.58 per month? :unsure:

If you read my last follow along here, you'll know I've been following @varunkeskar 's footsteps with building email lists again and it's working really well. 🙌

Building my own email list and controlling my own traffic has given me a sense of stability. Every day, my lists are growing, and slowly but surely, it starts to "snowball". Even on days where ads are slow, my email traffic still brings in conversions and revenue like clockwork.


I'm not writing this to brag :D Instead, I'd like to add some value and share with you something I tested out in the past few weeks. And maybe YOU! can use this too and generate some extra revenue and profits for yourself!

My results from the last 30 days:
In the last 30 days, I started collecting mobile phone numbers so I can send out SMS promotions - in addition to Emails. And the results look promising:


Spend: $50-ish
Revenue: $469
Profit: $419
Low volume, but nice ROI!

Here's what you can do:

Step 1. Create your "own offer"
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