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Guide Ultimate Guide to PopAds πŸ’°

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May 9, 2018
From the moment I started running pop traffic PopAds was one of the first traffic sources everybody recommended for beginners and for people who wanted to test the waters of PPV traffic.

There are many reasons why PopAds is a great source to test and learn with your first campaigns and make some money.
  • PopAds isn't the network with the most volume.
  • They don't have the cheapest prices.
  • PopAds doesn't have the best quality either.

However, there are some advantages you can use to learn more and make profitable campaigns while also learning all of the basics.
  • The barrier of entry is low. You can start with $5-10 USD deposits. This doesn't mean you can learn with that amount of money, but you can make micropayments without committing bigger amounts while testing campaigns.
  • Their targeting filters are unique. I'd say PopAds has the best targeting filters, including devices, website categories, browser version, OS version, connection type, etc. If they are accurate or not I'm not sure, but you can still use them to optimize your data.
  • Traffic volume is decent for a start and the traffic estimator helps to select your first bid
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