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Apr 17, 2018
December is already here which means it's time to review our top content from November :)

November was another HUGE month for affLIFT. In fact, it was our biggest month this year based on pretty much every available metric πŸš€

One reason was because of the awesome content posted πŸ‘‡

Top Threads November 2021​

Here is a list of the top 10 threads for last month:

It's no surprise to see our 2021 Black Friday thread was #1. Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for affiliate marketing deals. I know many of our members took advantage of the deals and hopefully will be ale to utilize all their traffic source credits and new tools to generate some big revenue and finish 2021 strong πŸ’ͺ

I also gave away access to our awesome Push Mastery course and that thread got a ton of engagement. The course was also discounted for Black Friday and I'm happy to say we'll have many new members going through it! If you're interested, check out the course outline and then you can buy the course for $79 here.

It's great to see such great discussions happening around optimization and testing!

PPV is still king?​

Our PPV (Pops and Redirects) section of the forum got slightly more traffic than the push section (Push Notifications). The Survey Pops course got slightly more traffic than the Pops Guide.

Top Members​

November was the first month where my spot as the top contributor to the forum based on number of posts was almost toppled! πŸ˜† Here is a list of our most active members last month:

@MartinB (previously called Isedo)

I want to thank all our awesome members and Partners who help make affLIFT awesome. The strength of our community helps push the industry forward.

Onward and upwardπŸš€
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Peak Awards are also a big reason why last month was so big! If you haven't voted yet, go VOTE:

The voting ends in 2 weeks and we'll announce the top affiliate network, traffic source, and tracker of 2021 :D πŸ†
Mom!!!!!! I did it!!! They wrote my name in a Top-Thing-List !!! I feel worthyyy!!

- Samira
I was AWOL for a lots of Nov due to work and family so surprised I made the cut this month :ROFLMAO:

But well done all another solid month, roll on December and all that it entails i.e. lots drinking