Affiliate Marketing Awards 2021 - Peak Awards by affLIFT!


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Apr 17, 2018


Winners have been announced!​

I am happy to announce the 2nd annual Peak Awards!


Affiliate Marketing Awards 2021

Peak Awards are our annual industry awards here at affLIFT. My goal with Peak is to provide a better industry survey and award the companies that are actually making a difference and that affiliates are having the most success with.

We're looking to create a list of the top:
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Traffic Sources
  • Tracking Tools
You can vote for up to 3 companies in each section. You can only vote once.

Voting will be open from today (November 1st) until December 15th. On December 17th, the winners will be announced here on affLIFT and everyone will also receive an email with the winners.

Rules for voting​

  • You can only vote once.
  • You must use a real email address when registering to vote.

Rules for promoting​

Companies are allowed to promote the survey and ask their audience to vote for them, but...
  • You can only email your audience twice to ask for votes. I recommend emailing them now and then when there is a week left in the survey.
  • You CANNOT incentivize votes. For example, you cannot offer a gift card for voting for your company.
This year, there are 136 companies from the industry included in the vote πŸš€

Let me know if you have any questions :)
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Afflift Peak awards are taking off, bigger and better than last year whoo hoo

Reply here after you vote with a gif to let us know you voted :D

It looks like we might hit 100 votes in the first hour πŸš€

It was so short .. I brought my hot chocolate .. and thought it would take at least 2 mins .. but there were only three questions '-'
+ Well, I voted

✿ Samira ✿
My friends at AdsBridge (@AdsBridge) were the first company I've seen emailing and asking for your vote. Pretty cool! πŸ‘