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Sweepstakes Offer + ProPush Tag: An Easy Way to Get Extra 30% to Your Profit [Case Study]



Super Contributor
Aug 1, 2019
Our partner is a media buying company focused on SOI (single opt-in) leads. Here are the offer details:
  • Offer: Sweepstake Gift Card
  • Vertical: Sweepstakes
  • Flow type: SOI
Pricing model (ProPush.me side): RevShare (СPM)

Our partner also used a pre-landing page with a survey. The ProPush.me Tag was installed right to this page, take a look:


As you can see, there is an opt-in window out there and this is exactly the way the Smart Tag works. Users can subscribe for push notifications if they want to and this will bring additional income to your main offer. If they refuse, well, nothing really happens – people will continue interacting with your pages, that’s all.

So, our partner just added the Smart Tag to the landing page of the offer. Sweepstakes offers don’t require any specific Smart Tag settings – you just put the Tag code to the body of your landing page, as high as you can. The service worker file (the one responsible for push notifications delivery) should be placed to the landing’s root directory. Here:


Traffic details

And now let’s talk about specifics of traffic purchased at PropellerAds and used
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