Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob



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Apr 17, 2018
Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

As I mentioned earlier, I do not expect this campaign to be profitable within our $10 budget. Very rarely will you be profitable with your initial testing. Instead, the initial testing phase of an affiliate marketing campaign is specifically to gather data on how an audience performs with a particular affiliate offer.

Your goal for your initial testing of an affiliate campaign is to simply get conversions. Without conversions, our data is basically just telling us “this is not going to work.”

Once you have some conversions, your data is now telling you “this has some potential.”

This campaign is designed to get you conversions so we have some data we can truly analyze and optimize.

I am happy to say that is exactly what it did :)


My BeMob dashboard shows that with my $5 spent (they only tracked $4.59), I got 16 conversions and made $0.35.

Now, I realize an ROI of -92.30% isn’t overly attractive, but we’ll break it down and see what the data actually tells us.

First though, I want to login to my MOBIPIUM account to make sure they’re also showing 16 conversions.

Something to keep in mind:
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