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Step 1 - Apply for Zeydoo Affiliate Network



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May 7, 2018
The affiliate network we are going to use for this guide is Zeydoo. Zeydoo is an affiliate network created by PropellerAds (traffic source).

We are going to use their survey offers for this guide because they convert well, the payouts are low, and they're great for taking your next step in your affiliate marketing journey.

You can learn more about Zeydoo in our review here:

Zeydoo is also a member of our community (@Zeydoo) and they are very helpful.

You can join their affiliate network here:


⚠️ IMPORTANT: When you apply for your Zeydoo account mention on the application that you are taking this Survey Offers Course. If you don't your application may be denied.


Note that you'll have to provide Zeydoo with identification documents before they can pay you. This is pretty standard these days for many affiliate networks because they need to know to whom they send money.

Approval for Zeydoo is generally pretty quick, but it can take up to a couple of workdays (Monday to Friday) to get your account approved.

You will not
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