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Some questions about trackers, traffic sources and ad networks



Apr 5, 2021
Please excuse the bad English of Google Translate, I try to proofread to make it more accurate. BTW, I use Voluum tracker, Zeropark traffic source and Cpamatica.io this ad network now.

When starting a campaign, I need to get an offer from the ad network, add the traffic source and the ad network to the tracker.

Because I don't want to lose too much, if I just want to pass the necessary stuff back to the ad network and traffic sources and trackers (except Binom). What token parameters can be omitted?

1; How should global postbacks be properly set up?

2; What should I do in order to enable the advertiser to check the quality of the traffic when getting the offer link?

Attached is a screenshot of the link to get a quote. Hope someone can help me, thanks. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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