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Follow Along RevContent Follow Along Campaign



Sep 27, 2023
Traffic Source: Revcontent
Tracking Tool:
Affiliate Network: MaxWeb
Type of Offer:
Health Offer
Offer Payout: $120
Optimization Tool:

Hello everyone,

This is maybe my 5th campaign in total on native advertising so this should be quite beginner friendly. The first few campaigns I did withered away quite quickly and I didn't really know how to optimize until taking a great course on Native advertising.

After that I started the 3rd and 4th campaign which were all manually optimized. My previous campaign (4th campaign) was quite good, I spent a total of $1,987 and made a revenue of $1,320 which is only a -33% loss. Not bad, and from that I have a load of bad widgets which are already blacklisted (376 widgets blocked). It says 18 conversions, due to checkout pixel, but is actually 11 conversions.

Previous campaign from which I collected a blacklist:

So why start a new campaign? I wanted to start from fresh after moving on from voluum to ClickFlare. Also, having just opened TheOptimizer account for the first time, there will be automation regarding widget blocking, as well as hourly parting which was previously being done manually. I also wanted to track this campaign with you guys because there are some
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