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Follow Along Record Of A Newbie's First Campaign


Feb 1, 2024


Summary of Newbie's First Campaign​

With the help of forum members, I've learned a lot, including but not limited to: how to set up a campaign funnel, how to correctly add Tokens, how to set up postback, how to add back redirect on LP, add push subscriptions and other scripts to increase revenue, and how to do basic optimizations, etc. The numerous forum posts are like treasures waiting for me to explore. I even feel like I don't have enough time, there's just so much to learn.:ROFLMAO:

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has helped me. Joining Afflift was definitely the right move.

My balance on RollerAds is about to run out. In these last few days, my campaign has been pretty much breaking even. Honestly, I'm quite satisfied with this outcome. After all, I'm just a beginner. My current goal is to learn more about affiliate marketing. Not losing too much money is already a pleasant surprise.

In these last few days, I tried using two other tracking tools, Skro and PeerClick. At first, I found that Skro and PeerClick were not recording conversion data. After checking repeatedly, I found the reason: my MB


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