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PUSHGROUND - Push Ads Traffic that Drives Results.



Super Contributor
Jul 29, 2019
⭕ Hello AffLIFT members!!

We are happy to be back in this forum, today we would love to introduce ourselves and explain that offers and geos are the top of the moment 😊

Pushground is a self-service advertising network providing comprehensive advertising and ad optimization solutions for ad agencies, marketers, and affiliates. We offer high-quality ad traffic across 2 proven ad formats: Push Ads and In-Page Push Ads.

Our self-service platform offers an advanced targeting options, two types of quality traffic, promotions by account rank, autorules for your cpa goals and we even help you with the creatives to stay updated and increase the conversions.

What makes us interesting for you?

✅ High Quality Push and In-Page Push
✅ Auto-optimitzation campaign with advanced targeting options
✅ Demanding with our quality traffic, ranked according to your offer​
✅ Personal Account Manager​
✅ Support via Skype, Telegram and Intercom​
Bonuses and promotions depending of your account rank
✅ Creativity Hub by vertical​
✅ Free Boot Traffic​

CPC based | Minimum deposit $100

💸 Our winning verticals with their best GEOs:

Mobile Apps & Games: US, GB, DE, FR, ES, CA…​
Antivirus: US, DE, GB, JP, BR, FR…​
News & Entertainment: US, CA, ZA, RU, KE…​
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