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ProPush vs RollerAds - Gimme The Popcorn...



Grand Guru
Jan 13, 2019
As we all know, lately more and more people have been testing out RollerAds for push collection, mostly switching from ProPush.

Today I just got a message from my manager (who is great btw) at PropellerAds telling me to remove the push collection and to use Propush:


And then I spoke to my manager at Roller (who is also great) and he said this:

So my question to the forum, @Roller Ads & @PropellerAds is... What is going on? Is this a competitive stunt to get people back to ProPush?

I feel like I'm in the middle of two competitors.

Propeller, can you prove that their tactics are too aggressive and against quality guidelines?
Roller, what do you think about those accusations?

To the people on the forum using Roller push collection,
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