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Optimizing and spending 3-5 times payout

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Super Contributor
May 10, 2018
guys ,

i like to know , after spending 3 -5 times the payout and i don't get a single conversion , should I stop and go for another offer ?

i am currently running an offer and have 4 ad types , 2 landing pages .

Im not too sure when i should stop the traffic , if the payout is $6 , i should stop traffic when i get to $30 without any conversions and go for another offer?

and this is the part where i get more confused ....

when should i start blocking publisher ID's and other variables like connection type , mobile phone type , city etc ?

also after $30?

Im getting really frustrated , as when it coming down to optimization... all i do is lose money ... :(

pls would really appreciate the
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