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Follow Along Monetizer on PropellerAds


Staff member
User activity chose high,medium or low?
Onclick popunder campaign don't have that option.
CPM has that option, whereas SmartCPM doesn't. Luke said he uses SmartCPM.
Correct, I use SmartCPM for these campaigns which doesn't include user activity.

@Luke, I'm curious how you went about choosing those campaigns.
I don't want to say random guesses, but they were just basically randomly chosen lol


Staff member
Since switching to Voluum has made running the reports for me a bit easier since I am so used to it. This campaign is doing pretty well.

The offer is just a simple push subscription offer from Monetizer for the US. I use the Monetizer smart fallback so not every conversion backs out to the same amount, but overall the performance has been pretty good.

Monetizer is definitely a network I recommend.


Also, PropellerAds is awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different :)


Primarily carrier billing (pin submit) offers, but they have a mix of other verticals. Sweeps, lead gen, installs, etc.
Hi Luke, Do you use landing pages for the offers from monetizer, or do you direct link them? Because I see most of the successful campaigns are foreign languages (IT,EG,IN etc). How do you do it?