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Follow Along Megapush journey



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Oct 17, 2018
Hi guys, I wanted to post a folow along for my first campaign with MegaPush, I used BeMob as a tracker and a PeerFly dating offer...
The offer was new, so it wasn't tested and had a 0% conversion rate (I know it's not a wise decision for a beginner to test offers which are not proven, but I was eager to try MegaPush and the offer was accepted without a prelander)

Actually I got 1 conversion, and that's my first ever conversion as an Affiliate marketeer so I wanted to post it, I suppose that we can say that the traffic source is good and converts.


Unfortunately, the offer had to be stopped, and that's the main reason I'm doing this follow along, because I made a beginners mistake, and I want to point it out so it hopefully doesn't happen to other newbies like me.
Namely, the offer was for specific carrier, and it doesn't allow WiFi traffic, and the problem with push notification is that the notification can be sent to a carrier and opened on WiFi...


When you look at it this way, at one point I was profitable
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