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Link Building Questions!



Nov 22, 2021
Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well and of course happy thanksgiving to all our American afflifters! Recently I decided to put a lot of my focus on SEO and take a crack at ranking a website of mine. I figured the best approach would be picking a niche that i'm actually interested in so that regularly adding content wont be so much of a chore over the long-run and allows me to sharpen my skills.

I have some solid foundational knowledge around SEO that I just need to put into practice but just have some questions regarding Backlinks.

When gathering backlinks are you looking to have them linking directly to your websites homepage or to blog posts?

- Would getting backlinks directly to your homepage raise your overall ranking? or would getting backlinks for different blogposts provide the same value overall to your websites ranking?

I guess overall what confuses me is what part of my website do I want to get backlinks to? I know why I need to consistently add valuable content, but do I want to fill my posts with the keywords I want to target and get backlinks
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