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Case Study Interesting Results With Propeller's Direct Click Traffic ๐Ÿ”ฅ



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Jan 7, 2019
I have been trying out Propeller's Direct Link traffic the past few days and the results have been quite good. I have tested it out on a few geos and have seen a 50-60% drop in CPAs. The volume is not great in the geos I am running and haven't spent too much yet but this looks promising none the less and if you already have a successful pop campaign running, you can definitely test this out and see the results for yourself!

So this is what Direct Click traffic is according to @PropellerAds


This format is basically a mixture of domain parking traffic and high quality popunder zones which means the CPM's can be much higher

$42 as compared to $5

But the main thing is the CR and the CPAs

The top one is Direct Click traffic
Stats: CR : 2.20% CPA: $1.94

Normal Popunder Traffic:
CR: 0.12% CPA: $3.935

Have you tried


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