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Guide How to check offer pages with free VPN-s?



Community Leader
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Community Leader
May 2, 2018
Do you check how the offer page looks like before you start sending traffic to it?

By checking the actual offer page you can read the fine print at the bottom of the page, get some new ideas on how to create new landing pages which you can use to promote the offer or just how complicated it is to complete the offer (for example how many steps there are in a SOI or DOI offer).

Many affiliate networks limit access to offer pages to certain geo-s, so for example if you want to check how the offer page looks for an Indonesian offer and you are from the USA, you might be blocked from accessing that offer page. Also, another thing you might want to do is test an offer from start to finish (for example a sweepstake offer or a survey offer to make sure that the offer is not too complicated to convert.). Just be sure to access the offer page via direct URL without any tracking parameters (for example user site1.com/offer/index.php instead of your tracking link like site1.com/offer/index.php?affiliate_id=12345&clickid=r4t6t23455). That way you won’t be generating fake conversions or leads under
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