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Google Ads Banner Retargeting Campaign - $1 for 1 Week



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Apr 17, 2018
I was thinking about making a thread about this and then @L1Ght mentioned it in the live chat so let's go ahead and talk about it 😃


This week, along with our $3000 Spooky contest, I also launched a new experiment offering a $1 membership that gives the buyer access to the entire forum for 1 week.


I've done $10 2-week memberships and $5 1-week memberships in the past, but I've never done $1. It's something I've thought about for awhile and decided it was silly to not give it a try.

The final push was @Varun reminding me in his thread that he first upgraded using the $10 trial membership option years back and now he's a Community Leader doing $1,000,000 a year so it's probably a good idea to keep offering it 😆

So, on Monday I added the $1 option and before I had even emailed or posted about it anywhere, we had 5 people buy it (literally within about 30 minutes of being added). It seems we have some lurkers who have the ability to pay, but may be hesitant to fork over $20 but are happy to hand over $1.

This $1 option is temporary
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