Almost 4 Years With affLIFT



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Jan 7, 2019
In January 2023, it will be an entire 4 years since I joined affLIFT! And maybe 4.5 years since I started affiliate marketing. Looking back, I never thought I'd be where I am right now!

I still remember first time I joined affLIFT, I thought a 100 times before paying that $10 fee for the 14 days trial. I had just arrived to Ireland as a student at the time and barely had money plus I was doing mental gymnastics with currency conversion all the time.

I joined the forum and read some interesting stuff and was pretty much hooked. I am not able to recall whose posts I read or even the content that I read but that gave me inspiration to run my first campaign, which I think was sweepstakes on Push. Before that I was messing around with Bing Ads I think and I was pretty much not aware of the “non mainstream” sources.

I let my trial end after that, and decided to work on all the things I had read, reading up about traffic sources, signing up for networks and checking out the UI etc etc, I got a part-time
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