General discussion about COD on Push



Grand Guru
Nov 1, 2021
Hey, I don't want to open a new FA here right now, but I think there is an interest for me and also for others in COD offers which we promote via push traffic.

Good info for the beginning was here
or here
or also here:

Many thanks to @DEADZ for this great information for beginners.

My first question would be, after how much traffic would you stop the campaign?

My first campaign:
So far I have spent 3x the payout in traffic and not achieved a single hold. I am using two lander combos recommended by Adcombo in split test 50/50.

Is this still normal or should I see at least one hold sooner in any case? Honestly, it seems very bad to me and I would have expected at least holds.

It is a Spanish
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