Five (5) Reasons Why Affiliate Campaigns Fail & What You Can Do to Fix It…



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Feb 16, 2019
Everyone dreams of finding that one magical formula that can turn every campaign we launch into a profitable campaign.

Alas, that’s wishful thinking.

The cold hard fact is that most affiliate campaigns will fail.

You will have to wade through hundreds of campaigns to find a gem which will then scale it up to make up for all the losses and then some.

I have been in affiliate industry since 2008 and have launched thousands of campaigns over the years.

During this time, I have discovered five reasons why affiliate campaigns fail and what you can do to fix it.

Of course, I am not promising you a magic formula. Neither am I promising that if you fix these five reasons then all your campaigns will be magically profitable from day one. I am simply offering you the mistakes you need to avoid as much as possible.

So, let’s start…

#1: You Don’t Do Enough Research

This is perhaps the most important step for success of any campaign. Yet, it is one step most people avoid because it is not glamorous enough.

Yes, it takes time to do market research properly and it is boring. But this is also one
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