Even More Questions about Email


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Oct 23, 2023

Well i am back again with new questions about Emailing and lists. Basically i've started collecting Emails via Push Notification. Currently the funnel looks like this:

Push Notification > Lander (With Email Submit) > Redirect to FTD Casino Offer (When the user has submitted his email).

I currently have the following questions regarding this:

1) I have spent now around 300$ on PropellerAds with one campaign. In total there were 6 Conversions (Signups from the Casino Offer, but no FTD) - So the revenue is still at 0$ - Should i look for other other programs or is the main thing just to collect the email and the FTD Program is just a "bonus". Do you optimize based on Email Statistics or the FTD Statistics?

2) With the 300$ i have captured 72 Emails. So that is a email around every 4$. Should i always continue to optimize my Push Creatives to get more emails for a cheaper price? I assume the answer is yes, but i would still like to ask.

3) Would it make sense to test other traffic sources other than PropellerAds? I've checked Anstrex and most of the casino offers were run on PropellerAds. Maybe another
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