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[Dont.Farm] Facebook Cloud Accounts | Credit Cards | All GEO's | From 99$+


New member
We provide trusted Facebook cloud accounts for successful advertising campaigns. Special for affiliates who are in charge of the whitehat and blackhat offers. Forum thread eng.png skype (1).png telegram (1).png Our client's already successful drive traffic for this type offers:
  • gambling and betting
  • nutra (health and beauty)
  • binary options
  • adult
  • replica (cloth shoes watches)
  • dating
  • cryptocurrency
  • finance
  • sweepstakes
  • CBD
  • mobile subscriptions
  • mobile apps.
What are cloud accounts include:
  1. Payment solutions for your accounts. We provide CC of the real banks for most of tier 1 countries.
  2. Accounts of any country in the world. Have a huge list of geo’s you can always pick the one you need.
  3. Price includes the anti-detect browser and the residential proxy. Everything is settled up and ready to use.
  4. You connect to account via RDP. It takes less than a minute to launch your first campaign. 1 file - 1 click and you’re inside the Facebook account from any of your devices.
Payment solutions for your accounts. We provide CC of the real banks for most of tier 1 countries.
  1. Payments are processed manually through the manager and paid separately. We charge 5% commission and $99 for each card issue.
  2. We guarantee that the payment will be linked to our FB accounts and provide full assistance in using the bank card. These are payments from real banks so we will always be able to provide security code FB for checkpoints.
  3. Balance tracking is done manually on request. If necessary withdrawal of funds from the card without commission.
How it works:
  1. Sign-up on dont.farm and activate your profile. For self-activation you can use telegram. We would really recommend using it because it keeps you informed with all updates with your accounts automatically.
  2. Once you activated your profile you’re ready to top-up the balance and request the accounts you need. (We accept a big variety of payment methods. If you didn’t find the one you need inside dont.farm just ask your manager to provide more payment options). Then pick the account country you want and tell us specific settings you need. We can provide you: Fan page Business manager Ads accounts and the payments.
  3. Once the account is ready you're 1-click away from your profit. Just open the RDP-file and you’re inside the Facebook account. We guarantee to prepare the account within 24 hours. Usually it takes much less time.
Life-time and spends:
  1. The life-time of account is depending on your skills and vertical you're working an average result you can find below
  2. For Black-Hat ads the average life-time is 1-4 weeks with up to 900$ daily spend however the handiest affiliates get a way better results.
  3. For White-Hat offers there are no limits for spendings and life-time at all. Some of the buyers still using their first accounts with the total spend over 100k$
  1. We are happy to solve any issue with the account within the first 2 weeks. If there’s no chance to solve an issue and the situation fits our policy we replace the account for free
  2. We guarantee spend is equal to 3 costs of the account. If you got the cheaper geographics like India which is 100$ each the guarantee spend on the account will be 300$ For Germany which is 300$ each the guarantee spend is 900$.
Prices* and commissions: Ukraine Kazakhstan Egypt Indonesia India Brazil Pakistan Turkey etc. 100 Germany UK 300 The rest of the world 200 Credit Cards 100 5% commission for funding. *The prices are changing. You can always find the relevant price on the website or...
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