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Clickdealer & Casino _ not a good choice



Grand Guru
Nov 1, 2021
You would think that large networks with a good reputation would be a guarantee of fairness in the aff marketing business. But beware: this does not always have to be the case.
I don't want to speak against @ClickDealer in general, I have no experience with the network except casino.

But what happened to me in the last few months is really the very last thing and I would not have expected it.

But in order.

I have always tested a lot of offers (mainly in Australia) for my casino campaigns. CPA/FTD was my favorite model.

If I found a good offer, with high EPC, I tried to use this. Just the way you do it. Since I work with email lists (which I build myself through paid traffic).

I have worked with some networks here and NEVER had problems with any network, except @ClickDealer.

I have taken screenshots of everything thankfully. Of the statements of my AM, of the KPIs of the offer (which now have been changed - funny, or?) and (what @ClickDealer did not know) of the statements of an AM of the Casinobrand.

I found the EPCs so good that
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