Blog Post Affiliate Marketing - Been awhile



Super Contributor
Oct 17, 2018
Facebook has banished me from my personal after so many years with them and now I want to try targeting keywords specifics for blog posts. I haven't done this in a long time and I am such a data nerd that I need to understand the click to the offer to conversions... how are you tracking conversions with an aff link that isnt a traditional CPA link with postback? for example, you find a product that has an aff program or a software like on Envato, how are you tracking that

  1. Ad Clicked
  2. Blog Post
  3. Aff Link Clicked
Using any UTMs on any redirect plugins like Prettylinks maybe? I just need to know that a link came from an ad and not organic. I think everything else is a bit harder since it isnt a
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