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Envato Elements


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Envato Elements
In the digital world, creativity is not just a luxury — it's a necessity. Every online advertisement, website, or even a simple social media post calls for creative elements that capture attention and engage viewers. This is the space where Envato Elements has dominated.

Founded in 2006, Envato Elements is now an industry leader in creative resources. Its vast library of digital assets, available with a simple subscription, has transformed the way we access and utilize creative elements.

Whether you're a graphic designer or a hobbyist blogger, Envato Elements empowers your online presence with its myriad of high-quality resources.

The good news for us affiliates is that this well-known service is offering a way for us to earn for referring new users. But first, let's talk about its main features.

Envato Elements Features​

When it comes to the finest features, Envato Elements doesn't disappoint...

Massive Creative Library​

Over 16 million creative assets await exploration in the library of Envato Elements. These resources aren't merely vast but also diverse, encompassing everything from stock footage and music tracks, to graphic templates, and even website themes.

Creativity is being redefined and expanded with such a wealth of resources at your fingertips.

The assets offered are not just numerous but also of top-tier quality. Created by an international community of talented designers, each asset in the library is meticulously crafted and curated. Plus, the library is updated regularly to keep up with the rising trends in creative needs.


Commercial License​

One of the overlooked yet crucial features of Envato Elements is its simple licensing. Every asset comes with broad commercial rights, thus simplifying the usually complicated process of licensing. This ensures that you can use the assets confidently in your projects, without the fear of infringement.

User-Friendly Interface​

The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The search function is finely tuned and enables you to hunt down the perfect asset for your project easily and quickly.

Envato Elements Affiliate Program​

With such impressive features, it's no wonder that Envato Elements is a popular choice among creatives. And as affiliates, we have the opportunity to benefit from promoting this service to our audiences.

The main points of the program are as follows:

Long Cookie Duration​

Envato has a generous 60-day cookie duration. This extended timeframe is significantly longer than what most affiliate programs offer, providing affiliates an excellent opportunity for earning commissions.

High Payout per Conversion​

Eligible annual subscribers can rake in up to $120 for affiliates, a hefty sum that far surpasses what most affiliate programs offer. If in case your referral tries the monthly subscription route, you'll still get paid — $20 a month for the first three months of subscription.

Impact Tracking System​

Envato Elements takes advantage of the Impact platform for tracking affiliate conversions and earnings meticulously. Impact is a technological solution that provides real-time tracking, thereby ensuring transparency and accuracy in the recording of conversions.

Payment Methods​

Affiliates who have earned at least $50 are eligible to receive their funds through PayPal or bank transfer. The company processes payments monthly through Impact.

If you're curious to learn more, visit Envato Elements’ official thread today.

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