Auto Translation Landers for Follow Along

Galaksion Contest


Super Contributor
Jun 30, 2019
Hey, I'm currently running my AdCash Follow Along Here , since yesterday I'm testing a new Offer and would like to Host the Offers Lander on my own Server, I also discussed that with my AM I received the Raw file to Host the Lander on my own so that's great, the only problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to make the Lander automatically adjust to the Users Browser Language.

Could someone help me out with a Script or Snippet? The Language the Landers file is in is English but the Offer allows WW targeting so it would be really great if someone might be able to help out on that, as far as I saw there is also no past Thread on Afflift so it might help a lot of people if we get together a script, a snippet that auto translates a Lander based on the user's Browser
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