Follow Along Attempting TikTok First Time with a Zip Submit



Super Contributor
Oct 17, 2018
All this talk about TikTok. So I wanted to just share my own experiences and journal them down. I think it helps as my blog started with just me writing my horrible English post into some sort of success. So I figured I should do it here with TikTok. The basic setup is pretty easy, I am using RedTrack as my tracker for this because they have integration and I think it will make it easy.

Traffic Source: TikTok
Affiliate Network: A4D
Offer: Auto Insurance
Format Conversion: First Page Zip Submit

I'm not sure how this case study will go but ask away as I am starting today and will get creatives and such going. I will use the lowest bid and probably find a small audience under 5m. I read other groups to just keep it broad and let TT decide, your thoughts? I am going to get creatives done and let see how it works. Follow this journey this week. Ask away as this
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