Anstrex Giveaway - Happy 4th Birthday affLIFT 🎉

April 30th will mark 4 years since I launched affLIFT 🎉 🚀

To celebrate our 4th birthday, @Anstrex has agreed to giveaway 4 annual memberships! 😃

I reached out to Anstrex because based on the data I have available, it is the most popular tool on the forum. Hiren, the owner of Anstrex, was kind enough to agree so now is your only chance to get Anstrex for 1 year for FREE! 👇

✅ How to enter the Anstrex giveaway​

Entering the giveaway is simple. Reply below with the link to a thread/post here on affLIFT from the past 4 years that you have gotten a lot of value from. You are only allowed to reply with a link once.

I will use Google Random Number Generator to randomly select the 4 winners next Friday, May 6th. Since we're giving away over $4000 in prizes, I will use Loom to record myself using the random number generator to get the winners when I announce them :)

The winners will get to choose which ad format they want their 1 year membership for.

Good luck!
I will be more than happy to offer full guidance For Winners To Make sure they have the best Use for their prize "of any tool whatever format is it":)
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