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Guide Running Trending Campaigns - Monetizer + PropellerAds



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Apr 17, 2018
I've been testing a bunch of small pop campaigns with PropellerAds and Monetizer using the Trending GEOs on Monetizer and the Traffic Chart on PropellerAds. I'm consistently finding winners so I thought I would share the strategy and maybe you can find some winners too :)

Part 1 - What's Trending on Monetizer

The first step is of course to have a Monetizer account. If you do not have one, sign up today. Once you have an account, login and check out the Insights section of the menu on the left.

Monetizer gives you access to pretty much all of it's data which is why it's one of my favorite affiliate networks to work with and why it's so effective for this type of strategy.

I typically start with the Trending page because it shows you specifically what GEOs you might want to be checking out.


This table is a comparison of yesterday vs today for each GEO and the network performance of Monetizer. I like to look for GEOs where the rev/epc/leads have all gone up, but the click count has gone down. If the clicks are going down and the revenue is going
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