Guide 👷‍♂️ Building a Longer-Term Whitehat Lead Generation Machine



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May 7, 2018
There are a lot of paths you can take as an affiliate marketer in terms of what you promote.

Most affiliates here on the forum are into typical CPA affiliate marketing—where many times you're promoting "offers" that, in my opinion, are largely useless to the end consumer.

The good news is that those offers are only some of what you can promote while getting paid on a CPA basis.

Another less talked about vertical is whitehat lead generation, where you're getting paid to generate leads for legitimate businesses (for the most part). Think home improvement services, financial services, mortgages, senior services, insurance, etc.

Typical Promotion of Whitehat Offers​

Most "whitehat" offers can be promoted on any traffic source, including on the ban-happy Google Ads and Facebook. However, with that being said, you can still get banned because of the aggressive tactics other affiliates use for the same offers, shady tactics the business deploys on the backend, etc.

By being able to advertise on the biggest traffic sources in the world, you have a lot of scale potential. 🤑

Many affiliates advertise these offers like any other CPA offer:


And... it still works (even today), but
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