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Follow Along 101 Guide To Push Notification



Super Contributor
Oct 1, 2018
Hi everyone! This is my first post in this forum and I hope you will get some help from this post!:) PN = Push Notifications

So we all know that how much popular PN is getting. Its cheap, It Convers and everyone loves it and like every other method If done in the right way could make you some easy money. I'm here to help you guys get it right in the least number of tries. We will do some experiments and I will tell you my experience with Push Notifications!

I'll be testing out some offers and some settings on 4 different Ad Platforms and will post results here in this thread! I will be testing out these platforms:-

PAds_Logo_promo_on_White.png logo.png LOGO1.png download.png
I will start testing next week and will post follow-ups every week!

Now my experience (These are the things I learned and keep in mind while making any Ad Campaign):-

I have been playing with Push Notification for a while now and I can say that it is the best source for offers like Email Submits and Zip Submits. The biggest plus point for PN is that it is much cheap.
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